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We Solve is a 100% black-owned Environmental Consulting company which will be focusing on service of managing impacts and controlling hazards through the interaction of human development with the natural environment. We Solve Team comprises of experienced, skilled, and professional accredited specialists that have gained credible reputation in the delivery of complex linear projects. Our company has successfully completed complex and multi-stakeholder projects. We Solve remains committed to achieving excellence in every project and is proud to be the firm of choice. We are committed in working with various local experts in executing high-quality, safe, and sustainable projects that exceed customer expectations.

Our Company Culture


We Solve is committed to providing sustainable environmental solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long- term interests of the environment.


We aim to create reliable and sustainable professional relationships with all our clients with the intent of achieving mutually beneficial goals.


South Africa is part of many countries with environmental legislation which aligned to programmes that assist with challenges of sustainable development and have a Greening Framework approved by the country and also aligned to National Development Plan, and we offer the following services under this programme:

  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Bush Clearing/ Grass Cutting and Landscaping
  • Environmental Rehabilitation Plans


At We Solve, we are constantly developing new and innovative ways of turning waste into a resource. As a waste management company, we archive this by analysing each waste stream to identify any opportunity for reuse, recycling and recovery, our focus is moving towards zero waste to landfill.

We Solve transform waste into materials that can be safely disposed of or recovered  using either physical or chemical treatment. This applies to both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid waste. We provide a full range of collection services to commercial and industrial customers. Our comprehensive vehicle fleet efficiently collects waste material for treatment and disposal.


Most people do not consider how the side of a road is maintained. If you have ever driven a narrow road where grass and brush is hindering your site distance or scraping the side of your vehicle, you would begin to appreciate roads that are maintained.

We Solve specialised in bush clearing as well as landscaping. We perform roadside maintenance and bush cutting for government agencies, public and private businesses, and landowners.


Rehabilitation of disturbed land as per our expertise and experience is both a combination of art and science. The complexity of self-sustainable ecosystem development on rehabilitated land require a specialised but multidisciplinary approach and unique expertise to ensure feasible outcomes. At We Solve we understand the prerequisite of scientific approach to land rehabilitation as we develop, implement, and manage the complete value chain of land rehabilitation with closure in mind. Reshaping and storm water control, re-vegetation and afforestation, or final cover maintenance and the required monitoring, we offer it all.


Environmental auditing is a valuable tool in the management and monitoring of environmental and sustainable development programmes. Environmental auditing is a process whereby an organisations environmental performance is tested against its environmental policies and objectives, legal compliance, and best environmental practices in general. Apart from general environmental audits, the NEMA EIA process requires that an independent environmental audit is performed on completion of the development phase of environmental compliance with the conditions of the environmental authorisation and EMP.

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