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We create superior, customer-focused solutions and services which deliver tangible results. 

We.Solve ECMS (ICT)

We.Solve ECMS is a leading, 100% black-owned and controlled Southern African systems integrator which specializes in the designing, development, implementation and support of enterprise content, document management, records/retention management, digital/electronic signature and scanning/imaging solutions

We.Solve Waste Management​

We Solve is a 100% black-owned Environmental Consulting company which will be focusing on service of managing impacts and controlling hazards through the interaction of human development with the natural environment. We Solve Team comprises of experienced, skilled, and professional accredited specialists that have gained credible reputation in the delivery of complex linear projects. Our company has successfully completed complex and multi-stakeholder projects.  digital/electronic signature and scanning/imaging solutions

We.Solve Mining Solutions

We.Solve Mining Solutions business offers a diverse range of mineral processing and hydrometallurgical chemistries and technologies to improve process efficiencies and aid the economic extraction of valuable resources.

With innovative products, global field support and industry leading technical expertise, WeSolve Mining Solutions provides sustainable solutions which increase productivity, recovery and flexibility throughout the mining operations including leaching, solvent extraction, flotation, solid/liquid separation and tailings management.

We.Solve Medical Waste

Medical waste is broadly classified as any item that comes into contact with body fluids. Specifically, it is any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans. This type of waste was once collected in special bags and plastic boxes in clinical settings and then disposed of like normal trash. 

Our Medical waste includes paper towels, wipes, gloves, syringes without needles, bandages or dressings with small amounts of dry blood or fluid, and any other material from medical care. Syringes with needles or sharp objects that can pierce through a plastic bag require a special storage container for additional protection.

We.Solve Human Resources

We are a recruitment and placement company that focuses on highly sought after skilled individuals with the edge to deliver value adding solutions to our clients and expand their knowledge in the IT sector. 

At WeSolve Resourcing, we source and place highly sought after skilled consultants with the edge to expand their knowledge in the IT sector.

We conduct talent search and find the most competent consultants for our clients, thus giving them the confidence that the consultants that we place and manage on their behalf will consistently deliver great value.

We.Solve Property Management

We take care of rentals across the spectrum (from holiday accommodation to corporate relocation) and rental properties are treated to our bespoke property services which include extensive marketing through our vast office network, this website as well as the media.

We place a lot of focus on building long term relationships with both tenants and landlords and, as we are entrenched at the upper and very upper end of the market, we can offer our clients access to some of the most exclusive residential retail real estate in South Africa.

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