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We are a recruitment and placement company that focuses on highly sought after skilled individuals with the edge to deliver value adding solutions to our clients and expand their knowledge in the IT sector. 

At WeSolve Resourcing, we source and place highly sought after skilled consultants with the edge to expand their knowledge in the IT sector.

We conduct talent search and find the most competent consultants for our clients, thus giving them the confidence that the consultants that we place and manage on their behalf will consistently deliver great value.

Our resourcing experts place special care in selecting highly qualified and dedicated consultants, matched to suitable roles. We have a community of qualified and dedicated consultants who consistently challenge themselves to develop and work towards excellence which keeps consultants abreast of developments and general sharing of crucial information confronted by the industry.

We are continuously building a community of these consultants which ensures the ability to place the right consultants at short notice.


We are continuously enriching our community with IT professionals that have highly sought after skills and are part of the leading edge community. We understand industry trends and this enables us to preempt and advise you on possible solutions, products, platforms and consultants that will help you deliver the best solutions for your business.

Resourcing Agencies

Take advantage of our pool of over 350 highly experienced and skilled consultants within the ICT sector who pride themselves in consistently challenging themselves to develop through continual learning and are dedicated to working towards excellence.

State-Owned Agencies

We are a majority black-woman run company providing experienced professionals with government IT systems knowledge.

Consultants and Candidates

You will be part of the leading edge community dedicated to continually work towards excellence.

We partner with leading companies and match you to suitable jobs in a venture to grow your career.

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